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Ninja Headband

Ninja Headband

For Thousands of years, the Galactic Knights have worn symbolic headbands known as  War Cloths to represent the virtues for which they stand as they fight in battle. Once training was completed as a Galactic Knight, warriors would tear a strip of cloth from the Ancient Tapestry of Knowledge and create their own War Cloth for battle, signifying they were now a True Warrior. Each color represented a virtue that the Galactic Knights stood for:


Cloth of Discipline

Cloth of Truth

Cloth of Honor

Cloth of Resilience

Cloth of Courage

Cloth of Perseverance


While Warriors were free to choose the color they inked in the center of their cloth, they were mandated to ink the ancient symbol of Chaos (Left) and Order (Right) to show that the warrior must strive to remain in the center, balanced between the two, at all times. 


Made from hand-torn strips of 100% cotton fabric and printed with ink transfer sheets. These will fray over time, but they are machine washable and are perfect for tying around your head to keep your hair out of your face, or tying it around your space helmet to look cool. 

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