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Ghost Hardware Limited #001

Ghost Hardware Limited #001

Limited Edition Bolts #001



-Phillips 1" Skate Hardware

-Limited Edition Packaging #001


-2 ICE BABY BLUE Colored Bolts

-Donjo's Message to Clark on Back

- 1 of 10 Pieces of the Donjo Sketch 




Limited Hardware Series #001

     Ghost Hardware is #001 of the new Limited Edition Bolts Collection. Every couple weeks a new edition will be released with the subsequent number (#001, #002, #003, etc). The reason they are called limited is probably pretty obvious. That's right, because it sounds cooler.... and well only a limited amount will be made.  Only 10 packages of Ghost Hardware exist, and once they're gone, they're gone.... It's sorta like how you can buy an online download of Star Wars Episode III , or you can buy the "Limited Edition Director's Cut Target Exclusive 5 Disc Aluminum Cased Behind the Scenes Interviews with George Lucas Commentary Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith."  Either way it's the same movie, but for some intangible reason its way cooler to get the limited edition one (I don't think there actually is an edition of Revenge of the Sith that exists like that, but it should). I have always been a fiend for limited edition packaging, so I decided why not do it with Hardware.




In Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy game for PS2, you could buy Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda as force ghost characters after you beat the entire game. Anyways, They were a sick light blue translucent color and glowed as they walked around and wanted to mimic that ghost aura. . Also, for this release, I drew a sketch of King Donjo, cut it into 10 pieces, and put a piece in each pack (not the blood sketch, the one in the video). So, Ghost Hardware is a combination of the Ghost Warrior sketch, and the King Donjo figure in the Marty Clark Universe. (Explained Below) 



When Clark removes The Power Sword from the block of ice, the ghost of his father, Donjo, appears before him. The Mighty Knight King of the once great city of Tekor gives Clark instructions on what is to be done with the sword. The message is located on the back of the packaging. Until the comic is released (No official release date yet) cryptic messages will appear randomly throughout which will make sense in time.



The Packaging Project

Once you've opened the packaging, taken out all of its content, and recycled the plastic bag, DON'T THROW THE HEADER CARD AWAY! Instead, use the blank side of that header card as a blank canvas for your thoughts, ideas, drawings, and designs. Draw a turtle, write a note, fold it into an orgami tree, or make a rough design of what colors and graphics you want for the next bolt set. Then, stick it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and send it back to us through normal United States Mail using the RETURN ADDRESS located on your package. If you send in a Limited Edition Header Card with your artwork on the back, you'll get a $1 off promocode for your next purchase to cover your stamp and envelope costs. You don't have to send it back, but you can if you want and we'd like to see what you come up with. Each card that is sent back and PG-13 rated will be featured on the company site. Whatever you do, just don't just add the package to the landfill. SPACE ON!

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